Mar 22

Seminars and Online Registrations 2015

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Oct 03

IECEP Riyadh Toastmasters Club

The club was established to help and guide members to achieve competency in public speaking. Aside from these objectives, it is also a very active entity in promoting Camaraderie, Leadership skills, and Speech development.

IECEP Riyadh Toastmasters Club is a non-profit organization, Chartered in March 7, 2014, Toastmasters is an International organization based in the United States.

Some of the benefits of joining the IECEP Riyadh Toastmasters Club for our engineers are as follows:

•They become more confident, achieved personal development
•They become better speakers in conducting presentations in technical trainings
•Boost their Career growth in their field of Engineering and management.
•They become an active member and leader in other organizations and community
•They also participate in Speech Contest and Competitions.

For this year 2015-2016, our Club elected new sets of Officers. These officers will continue to do their specific roles by setting the Toastmasters objectives and goals, setting a success plan, communicating to fellow officers and members, giving strategies on how to achieve the CC Competent Communicator, and CL Competent Leadership norm and other levels of Toastmasters Positions and distinctions until they reach the highest honor of being a DTM Distinguished Toastmaster.


Sep 24


Riyadh – IECEP-KSA-CRC conducted the 2nd batch cluster class on CCTV System mentored by Engr. Rito G. Banan for 2015. The training consists of six meetings every Friday as well as four hours of discussions besides hands-on. Commenced on August 14, 2015 at Elite International School, Olaya, Riyadh, KSAand ended September 23, 2015 attended by ten (10) enthusiasts.


CCTV also known as Closed-circuit television or properly known as video surveillance, is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors and can either be analogue or digital.It is also one of the in-demand installations for security purposes.

The main goal of this cluster class is to give more knowledge in conductingCCTV system installations.
In attending this training the apprentices will be able to gasp the following:

1. Awareness on the standard materials used before installation depending on the client requirements.

2. Learning’s on how to embed a live video stream from a security camera to your website thru the use of analog CCTV camera and network video server.

3. Procedures on the utilization of digital video recorder (DVRs) for a maximum recording.

4. Familiarity on the setup of the Digital Video Recorder(DVR)/Network Video Recorder(NVR)Cameras as well as basic troubleshooting.

5. Knowledge on the primary use of CCTV systems for domestic and commercial property.

6. Understanding on the advantages and disadvantages between Analog Video Camera, High Definition(HD) Camera, and IP Camera.


In summary, CCTV systems training course gives more students capability to know the importance of installing analogue and digital video cameras and made them understand the desired design and correct materials at a minimal costing to avoid penalties or criminal case set as per standard CCTV code of practice.

Furthermore, the knowledge earned in this short training can bea tool towards the start of a business in conducting a training class for possible revenue as the case maybe.

All students concluded the training course and a certificate of accomplishment were issued by IECEP-KSA-CRC chapter.

Aug 29

8th Technical Seminar Year 2015 on Tender Engineering and Project Proposal Awareness / Laptop Software Configuration

IECEP-KSA-CRC conducted its 8th Technical Seminar that was held last August 28, 2015 at Orchid Al Mansour Hotel Riyadh KSA and two seminar topics were discussed.

The first part of the seminar entitled Tender Engineering and Project Proposal awareness is a process required in submission of bidding and contracting services in engineering field.

This was the topic discussed by our Tender and Bid Manager expert Engr. Dexter Panganiban, a Mechanical Engineer by profession. He also emphasized the tendering process consists of initial actions and appraisals, project appreciation and enquiries, resources and preparation of the estimate, tender reviews and tender submission.


In the initial actions and appraisals the discussions includes receiving documents, logging all information to document center, preparation of tendering enquiry form, decision to tender and estimation of time table and cost associated in the tendering.

The project appreciation and enquiries discusses the send out materials and enquiries, the method statements and schedule, the program and temporary works design.

The resource and preparation of the estimate emphasizes on sending out materials, selection of materials and quotations and establishing rates and labour cost.

The tender reviews focuses on the examination of resources cost, examination of methods and programme, the examination of preliminaries, complete net site cost estimate and the addition of overheads and profit.

The tender submission explained in the form of complete bills of quantity, the preparation of tender documents and the submission of tender.

When an engineer becomes a project manager of the company or involvement in any project, he has to organize and involved in tender process, might be a part or completely the whole process.

IECEP-KSA-CRC successfully conducted the seminar and Engr. Panganiban shares the experiences, knowledge and managerial skills to attendees.

Preceded the first part of the seminar is entitled Laptop Software Configuration.


Laptop Software Configuration is a technical workshop related to recovery, cloning and repairing software installed in computers.

This was the topic discussed by our Software Configuration expert Mr. ManoloBoncales.

Mr. Boncales discussed the different types of Software failures and the way to initially determine the issues.

He also emphasize that many companies encounter problems where their desktop software has been corrupted and the files inside the computer contains critical information that requires to be retrieved.

Mr. Boncales demonstrated various software that can be used in different situations or issues encountered by the SW engineer. One of software demonstrated is Acronis. Acronis develops software for backup, disaster recovery and secure file sharing and data access. Acronis provides comprehensive backup and recovery solutions for both physical and virtual environments, windows and linux servers.

The Software demonstrated in the seminar is the laze soft. It is all-in-one recovery CD to recover data and system safely, easily and instantly. This is very useful for engineers to back up their hard drive and ensure their data are protected properly. As an engineer, it is necessary that the files are well secured and able to retrieve in case disaster happens.

IECEP-KSA-CRC successfully conducted the seminar and Mr. Boncalesshares the experiences, knowledge and technical skills to attendees.


Aug 25

12th Annual Philippine Professional Organization (PPO) Basketball Tournament 2015

RIYADH – 12th Annual Philippine Professional Organization Basketball Tournament held its opening on June 12, 2015 at the Basketball Court of Al Yamama Hotel and IECEP-KSA-CRC, being one of the participating organizations, has continuously taken part in the league with its “ELECTRONS” basketball team headed by the Sports Chairman, Engr. Arnold Salcedo and Head Coach, Engr. Rito Banan. Lots of assistance from its sponsors, leaders, and supporting members; namely, Council of Past Presidents (Engr. Mario Balboa, Engr. Catalino Criste, & Engr. Moody Gibas), Pres./Engr. Perry Camson, Engr. Nelson Navarro, other BODs, and supporters, whom without their valued cooperation, this prestigious event will never be a success.


From the start of the elimination round, “TEAM ELECTRONS” suffered its first loss against COMSOFIL (Computer Society of Filipinos). This loss had not created any disappointment to the team. They rather became aggressive and reverted into consecutive wins against other participating teams.

Four teams in chronological order have entered the semi-final rounds; SOFIQS, UAP, COMSOFIL, and IECEP-KSA-CRC. The playoffs will be SOFIQS (Rank 1) vs. IECEP (Rank 4) and UAP (Rank 2) vs. COMSOFIL (Rank 3). Congratulations to the four teams; however, due to venue unavailability, the schedule for the knock-out games has been held until August 21, 2015. Through the initiative of COMSOFIL sports chairman, it was suggested that the schedule should be done early. Being the appointed Interim Head of PPO Technical Committee, Engr. Nelson Navarro managed to get a venue in SEDER Village and the knock-out games were scheduled on August 14, 2015 from 5:00 PM onwards.

COMSOFIL was able to survive with its come-from-behind win against UAP. The excitement continued with the 2nd game between SOFIQS and IECEP-KSA-CRC. The former maneuvered its offensive techniques and won. Therefore, the final playoffs will be COMSOFIL VS. SOFIQS (best-of- three series) and the battle for 3rd place (knock-out game) will be between IECEP-KSACRC and UAP.

Congratulations to our team for entering the battle for 3rd place. The game schedule had been resumed on August 20,21, & 22, 2015 at Al Yamama Hotel Basketball Court. PICPA, under the leadership of its sports chairman, Mr. Danny Tenerife and the PPO Sports Commissioner Engr. Gay Pineda, initiated the required game schedule. Unfortunately, IECEP-KSA-CRC lost the game thereby acquiring the 4th place slot.

Entering the semi-finals is already an amazing achievement of IECEP-KSA-CRC. “TEAM ELECTRONS” did a great performance in every game played. This shows that the desire to be one of the best teams in the 12th Annual PPO Basketball League is still intact and we hope that it will be maintained for the future tournaments.


Jul 30

Batch 4 CCNA Composite Course

The Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines Inc., KSA Central Region Chapter (IECEP-KSA-CRC) held its 4th Batch CCNA Composite Course on July 14, 2015 at Elite International School Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The workshop is composed of more than 10 persons which came from variable field of specializations who had deep endeavors to experience visualize the actual hands-on training, theoretical applications, commissioning implementation, and troubleshooting on Cisco Router and Switch platforms.


Ryan Paul Panilo, who is a certified Cisco Routing and Switching Professional (CCNP), Design Professional (CCDP), licensed Electronics Engineer provided the lecture and demonstration of Cisco Networking Equipment from the basic CAT5 cable splicing, cable interconnections, commissioning, testing, and troubleshooting. The information he shared as a resource speaker for this technical workshop are detailed as follows:
• Building a Simple Network
• Networking concepts
• IP Addressing and subnetting
• EIGRP routing Wide-Area Networks
• OSPF routing
• Switching, VLANS aIOS commands
• Practice Exams

Upon completion of the 4th batch of CCNA composite course offered by IECEP-KSA-CRC, the emerging technology in Networking Industry in line of telecommunications boost the registration of interested enrollees. The technical workshop course was designed for CCNA aspirants to have the capability to take exam in one shot technical specialization upon passing. They will be equipped both with basic and full course of CCNA thereby increasing their confidence and preparation upon taking exams.

There was a positive output of the workshop, where one of the participants successfully taken and passed the CCNA exams. The passer was Engr. Lester with flying colors and had posted his achievement on facebook:


It was the 4th session IECEP-KSA-CRC offered CCNA Composite Course to professionals. Hence, the participants were given advance approach on networking devices, IOS principles, routing and switching technologies, LAN and WAN connectivity, backup and recovery, commissioning, and last but not the least troubleshooting networks. The participants also have their last days review prior to taking exams.


In accordance with the result of the evaluation forms distributed at the last session of the workshop, most of the participants have well appreciated and commented on the services and attention provided to them at the location that is very much accessible in the heart of Riyadh district.

The technical workshop successfully completed its pace and the distribution of certificates together with CPD points accreditation were assessed and provided by the institute to the resource speaker and participants. This is one big step to serving Filipino professionals and colleagues of different profession join together and build a community that promotes improved job lifestyle.
God bless us all!

Jun 26

6th Technical Seminar Year 2015 on Infrared (IR) Thermography and Application

The Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines KSA Central Region Chapter (IECEP – KSA – CRC) recently concluded its sixth technical seminar held last 26th of June 2015 at the Tulip Inn Hotel Al Batha Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As usual, registration started at around twelve noon and participants came and queued to pay their reservations, Engr. Jerry Corpuz and Engr. Lester De Guzman handled the tasks smoothly. Before the seminar proper starts Engr. Perry Camson and his team of officers warmly welcomed all the guests and participants.

The seminar topic was Infrared (IR) Thermography and Application delivered by our guest speaker, Engr. Roel Dela Rosa who is a Mechanical Engineer by profession. He is currently working as a Regional Supervisor & Thermographer and a certified Level 1 Thermographer.

The talk began with the introduction of the guest speaker by our VP Education Engr. Emmanuel Yumul, after which Engr. Roel Dela Rosa began to display his expertise about the subject matter his masterful description of the importance of Infrared (IR) Thermography and its Applications and gave a very convincing lectures as to why it is necessary to have a deeper knowlegde and learn to understand the importance of Temperature as a Control parameter.Engr. Roel Dela Rosa showed some videos and performed simulations upon the audience and made them learn a more profound understanding of the technology and thought them on how to use IR Camera & to interpret thermogram.

Untitled-3 web1

Refreshments were served after the first part of the discussion that paved way for the participants to see some of the instruments being used and the time for them to socialize and chat with their peers.

The event was attended by Thirty Three (35) participants coming from various industries in the field of electronics, utilities, automation, construction, inter-networking, and telecommunications, all of which are eager to learn the topic and also to earn their Continuing Professional Development credits.

This event ended with the awarding by the IECEP KSA CRC Officers of plaques of appreciation and certificates to the resource speakers and to the participants respectively along with this pictures were taken for each participants receiving their certificates and the group picture that signals the unity of the organization .


Jun 10

Congratulations ASEAN Engineers

Congratulations! to our very own IECEP-KSA-CRC members who were conferred as ASEAN Engineer by the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisations (AFEO) this year 2015.

1. Constantino V. Acance Jr., PECE, ASEAN Eng.
2. Jonathan Tiston, PECE, ASEAN Eng.
3. Mario A. Balboa, PECE, ACPE, ASEAN Eng.
4. Jandee R. Bonifacio, PECE, ASEAN Eng.


MBalboa ASEAN Eng

ASEAN Eng Jandee

The objectives of the ASEAN Register are as follows:

To provide a complete data of practicing engineers within ASEAN with the ultimate purpose of facilitating their mobility within the ASEAN ambit and to establish a framework of mutual recognition of qualifications in order to allow engineers who wish to practice outside their home country to carry with them a guarantee of ability.

To provide sufficient data regarding the formation of individual engineers for the benefit of prospective employers.

To encourage a continuous updating on the quality of engineers by setting, monitoring and reviewing standards.

To promote cultural and professional links among members of the engineering profession within ASEAN.

To enhance the wealth creation process of ASEAN Countries.

May 29

5th Technical Seminar Year 2015 on Laptop Maintenance and Advanced Configuration

The Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines KSA Central Region Chapter (IECEP KSA CRC) have just ended its fifth technical seminar held last 29th of May 2015 at Orchid Al Mansour Hotel, King Abdulaziz Road,Riyadh with the seminar topic on Laptop Maintenance and Advanced Configuration.

At the registration headed by Engr. Emmanuel R. Yumul and Engr. Kenneth B.Vallespin, attendees piled up toconfirm their reserved seats where count of 35enthusiasts composed of members, non-members, and officers has been logged.Before the start of the seminar proper, Engr. Ryan Paul S. Panilo lead the invocation to seek guidance from all mighty for a smooth flow of discussion and understanding, then followed by IECEP KSA-CRC president Engr. Perry Camson with whom he welcomed all the attending participants and the resource speaker Mr. Manolo Boncales.

As crowd waited for the resource speaker to ready himself, Engr. Jandee Bonifacio made a brief speech about RA 9292 followed by Engr. Jonathan Tiston for PECE upgrade then Engr. Emmanuel R. Yumul regarding EETEAP for undergraduates as well as MBA for graduates and professionals then Engr. Kenneth B. Vallespin explained the
application, requirements and procedures on ASEAN Engineer Registry and lastly Engr.Rito Banan who discussed about the possible opening of the CCTV Cluster Class.

Finally, the much-awaited highlight of the program started. The resource speaker had been introduced by the treasurer; Engr. Nelson M. Navarro afterwards started his presentation with the usual introduction of the topic plus the following subject matters;
 Internal Parts of a Laptop
 External Parts of a Laptop
 Troubleshooting Hints
 Parts Involved on Such Laptop Malfunction
 Difference Between LCD and LED Displays
 Types of Windows Operating Systems
 Formatting Procedure
 Laptop Assembly/Disassembly Demonstration
 Parts Identification – Desktop PC Vs. Laptop
 Various Laptop Manufacturers
 The Importance of Hardware and Software in a Laptop

Untitled-2 web2

After the discussion, many questions had been raised and were answered legibly. The seminar ended up successfully and the awarding of plaque and certificates were given to the resource speaker and the participants respectively. Group picture has been taken as usual and the event was concluded afterwards.


May 16

12th Annual Philippine Professional Organization (PPO) One Day Bowling Event

On May 15, 2015, Friday @ 10:00 AM, PPO Sports Committee, headed by Engr. Ted Manzano, the current PPO Chairman and the past PPO sports chairman, Engr. Gay Pineda, had opened the One Day Bowling Tournament at Al Khozama Hotel Bowling Centre, Olaya Main Road, Riyadh with twelve (12) participating central region member organizations as follows; IECEP –KSA-CRC, COMSOFIL, PICE, PSME, PICPA, , FDK, UAP, IIEE, AFPEK, SOFIQS, GEP, and FTASA.

It all started with an invocation followed by the singing of our national anthem and welcome remarks of the PPO chairman, respectively. PICPA – Riyadh is the assigned host for PPO sport events this year. They did a good job maintaining the smooth operation and monitoring of the respective scores of the participating teams in three (3) sets. The event was divided into two (2) sessions, morning and afternoon. Everybody enjoyed the fun and the camaraderie while playing the games. Special prizes e.g. mugs had been awarded on the spot to players who made three (3) consecutive strikes with congratulatory announcements. Pictures were being taken during the progress of the games.

bowling 1

Finally, the much-awaited result of the tournament had come. Starting from the lowest rank, certificates of participation had been awarded to all players of all the participating teams until the awarding of trophies from the third runner-up up to the champion team. Here is the official tabulation; PICPA – 3rd Runner-up, PSME – 2nd Runner-up, PICE – 1st Runner-up, and the champion team, COMSOFIL. More picture takings had been done especially on the receipt of awards.


Although we had not made it to the Top 4, this is another wonderful sport activity participation of IECEP-KSA-CRC. Let us hope and pray that this will continue to prosper up to the remaining PPO sports event, the basketball tournament, which will open on June 12, 2015. More power to us!

Apr 27

Congratulations! Lester De Guzman, ECE, CCNA

LESTERCongratulations! Engr. Lester De Guzman for passing the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Certification Exam given by the Topaz System on April 25, 2015. He attended the IECEP-KSA-CRC CCNA batch 4  Class last March –  April, 2015 with Engr. Ryan Paul S. Panilo as the instructor and mentor.

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