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Nov 01

10th Technical Seminar Year 2015 on Geographical Information System

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Riyadh –It was a pleasant afternoon when the Electronics Practitioners and Enthusiasts joined together to witnessed the 10th Technical Seminar with the subject matter on Geographical Information System that was held on Orchid Al Mansour Hotel last October 30, 2015 started at around 12 noon till 6 inthe evening.

The event was attended by 46 active officers and members coming from different fields of expertise and the only thing that made us to attend was the understanding of this very interesting topic imparted by the resource speakers Engr. Nur L. Salik, who is a Civil also Geodetic Engineer by Profession and Engr. AbderazakBoubcher who is a GIS Manager at Tech Solutions Canada, this is of course in collaboration with the President of Geodetic Engineers of the Philippines Riyadh Chapter Engr.JojoUtram, CE, GE.

Both the resource speakers introduced and explain that GIS is already implemented in the system of Saudi Arabia and to the rest of the world. They expounded that GIS is a broad term that can refer to a number of different technologies, processes, and methods. It is attached to many operations and has many applications related to engineering, planning, management, transport/logistics, insurance, telecommunications, and business.For that reason, GIS and location intelligence applications can be the foundation for many location-enabled services that rely on analysis and visualization.

GIS 1a

Engr. Nur explained that GIS is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of spatial or geographical data. The acronym GIS is sometimes used for geographic information science (GIScience) to refer to the academic discipline that studies geographic information systems and is a large domain within the broader academic discipline of Geoinformatics.What goes beyond a GIS is a spatial data infrastructure, a concept that has no such restrictive boundaries.


Engr. AbderazakBoubcher on the other hand explicated that GIS can relate unrelated information by using location as the key index variable. Locations or extents in the Earth space–time may be recorded as dates/times of occurrence, and x, y, and z coordinates representing, longitude, latitude, and elevation, respectively. All Earth-based spatial–temporal location and extent references should, ideally, be relatable to one another and ultimately to a “real” physical location or extent. This key characteristic of GIS has begun to open new avenues of scientific inquiry. He elaborated on the applications and the implementation of a GIS that is often driven by jurisdictional (such as a city), purpose, or application requirements. Generally, a GIS implementation may be custom-designed for an organization. Hence, a GIS deployment developed for an application, jurisdiction, enterprise, or purpose may not be necessarily interoperable or compatible with a GIS that has been developed for some other application, jurisdiction, enterprise, or purpose.

After the GIS presentation of the resource speakers, VP Education Engr. Emmanuel Yumul presented to the attendees the bid of the organization for the Best Chapter Award, he had explained that the submitted claim is the up to date summary of all the accomplishments of IECEP KSA CRCfor the year 2015. Subsequently, Candidates for the IECEP KSA CRC election were presented to the viewing members and were given the opportunity to speak and present their platforms once elected.

VP Internal Engr. Kenneth B. Vallespin used up some time to encourage all the present Licensed Electronics Engineer to apply for PECE and ASEAN Engineer upgrade, he explained the important documentation procedures and requirements in order to comply and agreed on a series of meeting at Dr. Café Khurais Road to check on the status of the each aspirants credentials.

Afterwards, the individual and group pictures were taken as a souvenir of the occasion.


Oct 30


To date, IECEP-KSA-CRC has submitted/accomplished 40 Membership Applications to IECEP National for the year 2015. Download Membership Form: ExcelPDF
For Lifetime Membership
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Oct 25

First UAP Riyadh Toastmaster’s Club (URTC) Bowling Tournament Anniversary Special


IECEP Toasmastersbowling team proved once and for all that quality not quantity counts in the recently concluded URTC Bowling Tournament held in AlKhozamah Hotel Bowling Center, Riyadh, KSA last 24th OCTOBER 2015. On lanes 1 and 2 was a see saw battle between IECEP TMC and UAP TMC Team 1. The under manned quartet of Ronilo Hernandez, Modesto Gibas, Arnold Salcedo and Lester DeGuzman fight it out till the end with the complete force of URTC Team 1 ,with each team fielding 5players each game. The first gamewent to IECEP TMC. Games 2 and 3 eventually taken by URTC Team 1. The inspired game of Engr. Lester DeGuzman and Engr. RoniloHernandez catapulted the IECEP TMC bowlers to a breakaway game 1 against UAP TMC Team 1.


The event was a 3 game series and the highest total score plus handicap determined the final standing over-all with URTC Team 1 the champion, IECEP TMC first runner-up, and URTC Team 2 second runner-up.

Special awards were also given out to inspired bowlers.The Best striker and highestgame was awarded to Architect LandoManuel and TM Ricardo Dongon respectively. The Most Enthusiastic awardwas given to Ms. May from Security Forces Hospital. Lastly,the only team with three sets of uniform PTMC waschosen theBest in Uniform.

It was a moment of excitement and body language as the participants roll their balls towards the pins expecting good scores and to others dismay for not getting strikes and spares.

The event was participated byURTC Team 1,IECEP TMC, Security Forces Hospital, URTC Team2, PRTC,PSME, and PTMC.

The next invitational tournament will be much more exciting as the teams that participated this year will gear-up for the coming tournament.


Oct 18

2nd IECEP International Convention (IIC2015-Doha)


DOHA QATAR – Delegates of IECEP KSA CRC went to attend the two day event hosted by Qatar Chapter, it is a team organized and planned the manner of the proceedings by the representing members from each IECEP Foreign Chapters composing of UAE led by Engr. Lloyd Allen M. Ordona, Bahrain led by Engr.Glenn P. Perfas, KSA-Central led by Engr. Perry H. Camson, KSA-Eastern led by Engr. Francis M. Lugbugin and Qatar led by Engr. Adonis Q. Talabo, it was held last October 16 and 17, 2015, entitled “2nd IECEP International Convention (IIC2015)”, with the theme “Building and Connecting towards a World-Class Electronics Profession”.

The 1st day of said event was conducted at Oryx Rotana Hotel; it was attended by hundreds of electronics engineers and practitioners coming from different IECEP Middle East chapters, IECEP National President, Honorable Guests from Philippine Embassy in Qatar and Sponsoring representatives.


It was a whole day event started at 7 am and finished at 10 pm; the conference activity mainly includes the Registration and Fellowship, Ribbon Cutting headed by the Philippine Ambassador to Qatar H.E. Wilfredo C. Santos, Parade of Banners of the participating foreign chapters, invocation, and singing of our National Anthem and then the welcome remarks of Engr. Adonis Talabo who is the IIC2015 convention chairman, then is the inspirational message from H.E. Wilfredo C. Santos followed by the inspiring speech of our IECEP National President Engr. Rodrigo V. Carandangfinally the representatives of the sponsors to promote their respective companies.


During the first day, there were seven technical seminars shared by each participating foreign chapters, part of it were delivered by our very own respected members of IECEP KSA CRC where VP for Eucation Engr. Emmanuel R. Yumul tackled his stimulating topic on Basic Occupational Safety and Health followed by PCEA Chairman Engr. Mario A. Balboa for his motivational speech on Filipino Engineers Recognition in KSA, then lastly by one of the founder of the organization Engr. Constantino V. Acance Jr. about his interesting topic on Planning a Roadmap for Smart Cities.





Following day, the second part of the convention activity has begun at Copthorne Hotel located in the heart of Doha, the program started at 9:30 am and lasted at around 2:00 pm. The agenda for the meeting is an open forum about the CPD frameworks and guidelines, Benefits of members, IECEP National Election Guidelines, PECE upgrades, as well as ASEAN, ACPER and APEC chartering. The respondents to the queries were the president of IECEP National himself Engr. Rodrigo V. Carandang and additional inputs from Engr. Mario A. Balboa and Engr. Perry H. Camson.

Although some of the questions were not readily answered by the respondent but promised to raise the issue to the National Board for appropriate solution.

Having the same frequency of the meeting leaders in upholding and uplifting the Electronics Professionals resulted into a historic covenant and on that same day IECEP International Council was born, its mission is to provide assistance to Foreign Chapters and awareness of Overseas Filipino Electronics Engineers in pursuit to obtain competency, through this council will be the start of a new endeavor to increase the membership, reintegrate inactive members, provide them with essential trainings to help them grow professionally and be able to compete with other engineering professions as theystrive to become world-class experts.

IIC composed of the past foreign Governors headed by Engr. Jethroefel E. Ramboyong as the overall Chairman, Engr. Mario A. Balboa as the Vice Chairman, Engr. Genard B. Aller as the Secretary General, Engr. Glenn P. Perfas as the Treasurer and Engr. Francis M. Lugbugin as the Auditor.


Lastly, a challenge has emanated for the IECEP KSA CRC to lead the 3rd IECEP International Convention 2016 to be held in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This is a task to look up to with regards to what has transpired last 2015 convention. But then again, having the determination, great dedication and teamwork as a driving force is already an achievement near to hold.

“Building and Connecting Towards World Class Electronics Profession” is indeed the perfect theme for an organization like ours in realizing this groundbreaking activity because it only shows that we Electronics Engineers an Overseas Filipino Professionals chosen by our prestigious companies who believes in our talents and considered us their precious assets are now gathered for one common reason and that is to be united.


Oct 12

Continuing Professional Development Through Graduate Studies

Riyadh, October 02, 2015 – IECEP-KSA-CRC, have been engaged in providing online graduate studies courses; from 2 among the top 20 schools in the Philippines as per CHED and PRC statistical study.
The said programs are as follows:

Master in Business Administration (eMBA) of the University of Southeastern GS1Philippines (USEP) Davao.

Master in Construction Management (MCM) being hosted by the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP-OU) Manila.

In the interest of Continuing Professional Development in terms of Education, IECEP-KSA-CRC started drafting a Memorandum of Understanding with USEP.

GS3Meeting with the University President and Faculties of USEP Davao – March 2015

Totally there have been 33 enrollees since February 2015 and to date there are currently 10 students enrolled in their 3rd term, and another 12 enrolled in the 2nd term. IECEP-KSA-CRC is continuously calling for interested professionals to join in the eMBA program, open even to associate members of IECEP.

GS4 Batch 1 eMBA Students meetings – April 2015

GS5Batch 2 eMBA Students meetings – July 2015

The eMBA program is conducted in a Virtual Learning Environment accessible in desktop Web browsers even in mobile phones so distant learning is easily attainable.


As our new offering for online studies for Master in Construction Management (MCM) being hosted by the Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Open University.


We are also looking into other online Post-Baccalaureate courses that can be offered to IECEP-KSA-CRC members.

Oct 12

Outreach Program to Bahay-Kalinga for Females

Another heart warming charitable mission was concluded on October 11, 2015 headed by the Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines, Inc. Central Region Chapter (IECEP-KSA-CRC) working hand in hand with the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Riyadh in aiding the less fortunate Kababayans. Its mission & vision upholds a greater responsibility and commitment serving overseas Filipino workers in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Prior to the proceedings, the board of directors had organized a meeting in a private gathering which was attended by the current BODs and the Past Presidents showing their undeniable support recognizing the openhanded missions of the organization.The dialogue was commenced by President Engr. Perry Camson outlining the preparation in holding the event. He initially verified the allocated budget to Engr. Nelson Navarro the current treasurer and openly confirmed the availability. It was also brought up in the discussion the needed goods requested and the availability of the institution where all should be present on the promising date of the early gift giving.

Compared to last year where the group had a chance to personally visit the shelter, face to face interactions with them is what makes the mission more essential but as per the update from PCEA President Mario Balboa, the shelter is now currently under renovation. Honorable Labor Attache Rustico SM. dela Fuente advised the institution that all incoming donations to Bahay-Kalinga will be accepted temporarily through POLO Office located in Suleimaniah Area, French corner. The Labor Attaché termed it as “Drop & Go”.


At 6:00 PM of the same date, the IECEP-KSA-CRC board of directors had a chance to visit the new POLO Office location for the first time as they are joining forces in carrying the charitable goods as they were welcomed by the Labor Attaché himself and staffs with their warm greetings.

They enlightened us about the status and the current population of both men & women sheltered in Bahay-Kalinga and the settled cases of our fellow kababayan still present. The POLO is very confident on its bid to lessen the current statistics in future time, POLO continuously provides legal and prompt actions to our fellow kababayans in an effort to resolve the cases with their employers. They also relayed the ongoing renovation of the shelter for a more comfortable place to stay while waiting for their circumstances to be rectified. He assured that all donations received at POLO Office will definitely be handed over accordingly.


The shaking of hands and pleased moments were captured by a series of photo ops for remembrance and once again another milestone of IECEP-KSA-CRC has fulfilled with the assistance of one another especially to all IECEP-KSA-CRC BOD, Past Presidents and Members who untiringly support and contributed whole heartedlyin making this drive possible.


Oct 03

IECEP Riyadh Toastmasters Club

The club was established to help and guide members to achieve competency in public speaking. Aside from these objectives, it is also a very active entity in promoting Camaraderie, Leadership skills, and Speech development.

IECEP Riyadh Toastmasters Club is a non-profit organization, Chartered in March 7, 2014, Toastmasters is an International organization based in the United States.

Some of the benefits of joining the IECEP Riyadh Toastmasters Club for our engineers are as follows:

•They become more confident, achieved personal development
•They become better speakers in conducting presentations in technical trainings
•Boost their Career growth in their field of Engineering and management.
•They become an active member and leader in other organizations and community
•They also participate in Speech Contest and Competitions.

For this year 2015-2016, our Club elected new sets of Officers. These officers will continue to do their specific roles by setting the Toastmasters objectives and goals, setting a success plan, communicating to fellow officers and members, giving strategies on how to achieve the CC Competent Communicator, and CL Competent Leadership norm and other levels of Toastmasters Positions and distinctions until they reach the highest honor of being a DTM Distinguished Toastmaster.


Oct 03

Special Professional Licensure Board Examination (SPLBE) 2015

Riyadh, September 30, 2015 – IECEP-KSA-CRC, as part of the chapter’s commitment in supporting Professional Development, the organization has continuously provided review classes for ECE/ECT aspirants. This year there was 13 regular reviewees who joined the weekly classes.


The classes started March 6th and concluded in August 29. The topics on the review was ECT – March, Electronics and Communications – April to mid-June, and Math and GEAS from mid-June to Aug. Classes were held in Elite International School every Friday.

SPLBE2Electronics and Communications Pre-board May 2015 in Elite International School


The total registrants for Examination in the PRC online Filing was 27 for ECE and 15 for ECT, amongst this number only 2 were conditional, 17 ECE and only 5 ECT took the board exam.

SPLBE4Registration at Philippine Embassy and 1st Examination day at Elite International School, Sept 2015

As of writing the Board Exam results have not been published yet, we are hoping that there will be plenty of passers in this SPLBE 2015.

Sep 24

CCTV System Training Class

Riyadh – IECEP-KSA-CRC conducted the 2nd batch cluster class on CCTV System mentored by Engr. Rito G. Banan for 2015. The training consists of six meetings every Friday as well as four hours of discussions besides hands-on. Commenced on August 14, 2015 at Elite International School, Olaya, Riyadh, KSAand ended September 23, 2015 attended by ten (10) enthusiasts.


CCTV also known as Closed-circuit television or properly known as video surveillance, is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors and can either be analogue or digital.It is also one of the in-demand installations for security purposes.

The main goal of this cluster class is to give more knowledge in conductingCCTV system installations.
In attending this training the apprentices will be able to gasp the following:

1. Awareness on the standard materials used before installation depending on the client requirements.

2. Learning’s on how to embed a live video stream from a security camera to your website thru the use of analog CCTV camera and network video server.

3. Procedures on the utilization of digital video recorder (DVRs) for a maximum recording.

4. Familiarity on the setup of the Digital Video Recorder(DVR)/Network Video Recorder(NVR)Cameras as well as basic troubleshooting.

5. Knowledge on the primary use of CCTV systems for domestic and commercial property.

6. Understanding on the advantages and disadvantages between Analog Video Camera, High Definition(HD) Camera, and IP Camera.


In summary, CCTV systems training course gives more students capability to know the importance of installing analogue and digital video cameras and made them understand the desired design and correct materials at a minimal costing to avoid penalties or criminal case set as per standard CCTV code of practice.

Furthermore, the knowledge earned in this short training can bea tool towards the start of a business in conducting a training class for possible revenue as the case maybe.

All students concluded the training course and a certificate of accomplishment were issued by IECEP-KSA-CRC chapter.

Sep 20

9th Technical Seminar Year 2015 on Guide to CISCO Certification and Workshop


IECEP-KSA-CRC conducted its 9th Technical Seminar entitled Guide to Cisco Certification and Workshop on September 18, 2015 at Orchid Al Mansour Hotel,KingAbdulaziz Road,Riyadh,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Guide to Cisco Certification and Workshop provides comprehensive information in getting Cisco Certifications. In the world of technical certifications, Cisco Certifications is one of the known and acceptable certifications in the field of Networking and Information Technology.

This was the topic discussed by our Cisco Certified Network Professional Engr. Ryan Paul Panilo. On the first half of the technical seminar, he emphasized the benefits and reasons in taking Cisco Certifications such as better job opportunities, high salary, to stay employed, career changes, personal satisfaction, and to be expert in networking.

Engr. Panilo provides detailed information about the different certifications that Cisco is providing such as CCENT, CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, CCDE and Cisco Architect. He gives in depth knowledge about the coverage of each certification, type of exam to be expected and the prerequisite of each examination. The CCENT up to the CCNP examinations can be taken from Pearson Vue, the official accredited Cisco online testing platform. There are many test centers in the Kingdom.


He provides ideas to attendees about the different certifications path which can be specialize by anyone. It widely covers different path such as routing and switching, design, network security, service provider, service provider operations, storage networking, data center, voice and wireless. The persons who would like to pursue Cisco certifications should be able to assess his capabilities, the specialty, the dedication of study harder, the time allocation, resources and finally the financial capability to cover the study and examinations.

The second half of the technical seminar comprises of hand-on workshop activity. Engr. Panilo discussed the different types of Cisco Switches and Routers. He shares his knowledge and skills in operating Cisco equipment from booting up, basic configuration of the switches and basic troubleshooting.


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