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Seminars and Online Registrations 2015

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Jul 14


Full Executive Summary Report
Infrared (IR) Thermography and Application

The Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines KSA Central Region Chapter (IECEP – KSA – CRC) recently concluded its sixth technical seminar held last 26th of June 2015 at the Tulip Inn Hotel Al Batha Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As usual, registration started at around twelve noon and participants came and queued to pay their reservations, Engr. Jerry Corpuz and Engr. Lester De Guzman handled the tasks smoothly. Before the seminar proper starts Engr. Perry Camson and his team of officers warmly welcomed all the guests and participants.

The seminar topic was Infrared (IR) Thermography and Application delivered by our guest speaker, Engr. Roel Dela Rosa who is a Mechanical Engineer by profession. He is currently working as a Regional Supervisor & Thermographer and a certified Level 1 Thermographer.

The talk began with the introduction of the guest speaker by our VP Education Engr. Emmanuel Yumul, after which Engr. Roel Dela Rosa began to display his expertise about the subject matter his masterful description of the importance of Infrared (IR) Thermography and its Applications and gave a very convincing lectures as to why it is necessary to have a deeper knowlegde and learn to understand the importance of Temperature as a Control parameter.Engr. Roel Dela Rosa showed some videos and performed simulations upon the audience and made them learn a more profound understanding of the technology and thought them on how to use IR Camera & to interpret thermogram.

Untitled-3 web1

Refreshments were served after the first part of the discussion that paved way for the participants to see some of the instruments being used and the time for them to socialize and chat with their peers.

The event was attended by Thirty Three (35) participants coming from various industries in the field of electronics, utilities, automation, construction, inter-networking, and telecommunications, all of which are eager to learn the topic and also to earn their Continuing Professional Development credits.

This event ended with the awarding by the IECEP KSA CRC Officers of plaques of appreciation and certificates to the resource speakers and to the participants respectively along with this pictures were taken for each participants receiving their certificates and the group picture that signals the unity of the organization .


Jul 14


Full Executive Summary Report
Laptop Maintenance and Advanced Configuration

The Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines KSA Central Region Chapter (IECEP KSA CRC) have just ended its fifth technical seminar held last 29th of May 2015 at Orchid Al Mansour Hotel, King Abdulaziz Road,Riyadh with the seminar topic on Laptop Maintenance and Advanced Configuration.

At the registration headed by Engr. Emmanuel R. Yumul and Engr. Kenneth B.Vallespin, attendees piled up toconfirm their reserved seats where count of 35enthusiasts composed of members, non-members, and officers has been logged.Before the start of the seminar proper, Engr. Ryan Paul S. Panilo lead the invocation to seek guidance from all mighty for a smooth flow of discussion and understanding, then followed by IECEP KSA-CRC president Engr. Perry Camson with whom he welcomed all the attending participants and the resource speaker Mr. Manolo Boncales.

As crowd waited for the resource speaker to ready himself, Engr. Jandee Bonifacio made a brief speech about RA 9292 followed by Engr. Jonathan Tiston for PECE upgrade then Engr. Emmanuel R. Yumul regarding EETEAP for undergraduates as well as MBA for graduates and professionals then Engr. Kenneth B. Vallespin explained the
application, requirements and procedures on ASEAN Engineer Registry and lastly Engr.Rito Banan who discussed about the possible opening of the CCTV Cluster Class.

Finally, the much-awaited highlight of the program started. The resource speaker had been introduced by the treasurer; Engr. Nelson M. Navarro afterwards started his presentation with the usual introduction of the topic plus the following subject matters;
 Internal Parts of a Laptop
 External Parts of a Laptop
 Troubleshooting Hints
 Parts Involved on Such Laptop Malfunction
 Difference Between LCD and LED Displays
 Types of Windows Operating Systems
 Formatting Procedure
 Laptop Assembly/Disassembly Demonstration
 Parts Identification – Desktop PC Vs. Laptop
 Various Laptop Manufacturers
 The Importance of Hardware and Software in a Laptop

Untitled-2 web2

After the discussion, many questions had been raised and were answered legibly. The seminar ended up successfully and the awarding of plaque and certificates were given to the resource speaker and the participants respectively. Group picture has been taken as usual and the event was concluded afterwards.




Jul 10

Congratulations! Lester De Guzman, ECE, CCNA

LESTERCongratulations! Engr. Lester De Guzman for passing the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Certification Exam given by the Topaz System on April 25, 2015. He attended the IECEP-KSA-CRC CCNA batch 4  Class last March –  April, 2015 with Engr. Ryan Paul S. Panilo as the instructor and mentor.

Mar 05

IECEP Toastmasters Club Participates at GOVERNOR’s CUP AREA 2 Bowling Tournament

IECEP TMC and other Toastmasters Club in Area 2 is in all out Battle last February 28, 2015. The Bowling Tournament was held at Al Khozama Bowling Center near Faizaliah Mall. There were eight (8) Teams who compete in the tournament as follows : IECEP TMC, FILCOM-IT TMC, Toast of COMSOFIL, PRTC, PSME TMC, UAP TMC, PTMC, and KFSH and RC Voice TMC.

Our fellow IECEP Toastmasters and Engineers give their best as Engr. Arnold bags several awards due to his 4 strikes in a row. Among the Eight Teams who competed in the tournament, IECEP TMC was in a good 5th place. In line with this, the event provides full of fun and excitement as well as the good camaraderie and friendship among fellow Toastmasters and professionals in the tournament.

The true SPIRIT that the Tournament provides is the development of Team Work, Patience, Cheerfulness and encouragement among individual and team players. The activity also provides an outlet from the workplace and other working environment here in KSA.

We invite all fellow Engineers in IECEP-KSA-CRC to be a part of our IECEP Toastmasters Club, it will enhance your Speaking and Leadership Skills through trainings in the Toastmasters Meetings, also a yearly bowling competition like this provides leisure , fun and excitement to fellow Toastmasters and friends.

b1(Members of the IECEP TMC Bowling Team 2015 )


b2(IECEP TMC Bowling Team Joins AREA 2 Bowling Tournament 2015)


b3(IECEP TMC Bowling Team Joins AREA 2 Bowling Tournament)


By: TM Ronilo S. Hernandez

Mar 04

IECEP Toastmasters Club Joins AREA 2 Speech Competition

Last February 27, 2015, members of the IECEP Toastmasters Team joined the Area 2 Competition Level for Division A, District 79. The venue of the eveTMpicnt was held at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center near Takasushi Road in Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The competing Clubs includes the best of the best from Area 2, FILCOM – IT Toastmasters Club, TOC Toast of Comsofil, KFSH and RC Voice Toastmasters Club and our very own IECEP Toastmasters Club.

Our fellow IECEP Toastmasters and Engineers competed in four (4) Speech Categories namely, The Speech Evaluation Contest (TM Romeo Maribao Jr. and TM Modesto Gibas ) Table Topics Speech Competition (TM Nelson Navarro and TM Modesto Gibas) Humorous Speech Contest (TM Ronilo S. Hernandez and TM Nelson

Navarro )and finally, The International Speech Competition (TM Ronilo S. Hernandez and TM Ryan Paul Panilo II)

TM Ryan was unable to compete due to other commitments.

Among the tough competitors in different Clubs in Area 2, our fellow TM’s give the good fight to the cream of the crop of Speakers, and our very own IECEP Toastmaster TM Moody Gibas bagged the 3rd Place for the Table Topics segment.

We encouraged all fellow Engineers in IECEP-KSA-CRC to be a part of our IECEP Toastmasters Club, it will enhance your Speaking and Leadership Skills through trainings in the Toastmasters Meetings. A yearly competition like this provides a flat form on your Toastmasters journey.



tm0(Table Topics Competition segment TM Moody Gibas winning the 3rd Place – Accepting the trophy in behalf of TM Moody is TM Romeo Maribao Jr.)



tm1(TM Nelson Navarro delivering his Speech )



tm2(TM Ronilo S. Hernandez delivering his Speech , Speech Title : BEING UNIQUE for the International Speech Category and Speech Title : SIMPLE But POWERFUL for the HUMOROUS SPEECH Category )



tm3(IECEP Toastmasters Club group picture and TM Dante Silao who acted as Assistant Tally Counter in the event)


By : TM Ronilo S. Hernandez

Mar 04

2nd Technical Seminar Year 2015: Copper Access Technology / ISO 9001 – 2008 Awareness

Riyadh – The Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines KSA Central Region Chapter recently concluded another back-to-back technical seminar event last Friday, 27th of February 2015 at the Orchid Al Mansour Hotel in Riyadh.

The seminar topics were Copper Access Technology delivered by guest speaker, David Zhang, a subject matter expert from Huawei and promptly followed by ISO 9001-2008 Awareness by Engr. Jojo Utram, an experienced civil and geodetics engineer concentrating on quality management systems.

A prompt registration was observed prior to the seminar thanks in part to the implementation of the e-registration system at the IECEP website enabling participants to book their attendance in advance, as well as avoiding errors in their participation certificates. This event also saw the attendance of new members who were warmly welcomed by officers and members alike as they join the growing family of IECEP KSA CRC.

This event was attended by fifty four (54) participants coming from various industries in the domain of electronics, utilities, automation, construction, inter-networking, and telecommunications; all eager to learn the topics to be delivered and also to earn their CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credits.

The guests and participants were warmly welcomed by the institute’s newly elected president, Engr. Perry Camson and his team of officers while refreshments were being served.

The talk began with the introduction of the guest speaker by FY2015 Director, Engr. Arnold Salcedo, after which Mr. Zhang began his masterful description of Copper Access System and its background and gave very convincing and strong arguments as to why it outperforms optic fiber among many other data-bearing media. Mr. Zhang impressed upon the audience a more profound understanding of the technology after his lively discussion.


As soon as the first topic ended, the next speaker was introduced by Engr. Ken Vallespin, VP-External Affairs of the organization. Engr. Utram started with a historical background of quality systems and the different ISO family of standards applicable in many different industries and levels of organization. He also talked about how ISO9001-2008 forms were being implemented in his organization and how beneficial it is in improving quality processes as well as streamlining operations in companies. His delivery evidenced his expertise in the subject matter and elicited an interactive discussion from the audience.


Refreshments were served all throughout the session and gave the participants chance to socialize and get to know their peers. This event ended with plaques of appreciation awarded to the resource speakers as well as certificate handover to the participants.

Finally, as the organization and the officers’ wishes to convey its gratitude to its active members, a complimentary The Middle East Electronics Professional magazines were given out for free as a token of thanks for their unwavering support to the organization. This edition of The Middle East Electronics Professional contained activities and highlights of the previous year.

Certificates and magazines were waved up in the air as souvenir photos were taken and the event concluded successfully.


By: Engr. Kenneth Vallespin

Feb 26

Congratulations! Engr. Jonathan Morillo – PMP Certified

Congratulations! Engr. Jonathan Morillo for passing the PMP Certification Exam given by the Project Management Institute (PMI) on February 23, 2015. He attended the IECEP-KSA-CRC PMP Preparatory Class last October 24 – 30, 2014 with Engr. Kenneth Vallespin as the speaker and mentor.

Jonathan Morillo

Feb 08

1st Technical Seminar yr2015: Interconnecting Computer Systems – Cisco & Traffic Control Systems

The Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Central Region Chapter (IECEP-KSA-CRC) conducted Two Technical Seminars to commence its Continuing Professional Development activity for year 2015. It was held on the 30th of January at Orchid Al-Mansour Hotel entitled Interconnecting Computer Systems – Cisco and Traffic Control Systems.

Usual registration for the seminar was done successfully and 49 participants were in attendance, all of which are eager to learn the technical details and theories behind the systems.

The program precede with the invocation of Engr. Ryan Paul S. Panilo followed by the opening remarks of IECEP-KSA-CRC 2015 President Engr. Perry H. Camson, he then presented Engr. Nelson M. Navarro as the 1st resource speaker for Traffic Control Systems.

Engr. Nelson M. Navarro explained very well the concepts and operations of Air, Sea, and Land Traffic Control Systems. After his topic, a 15 minute break was given to the participants to fill their stomach with the delicious food that was prepared and served at the hotel.

Then the 2nd resource speaker Engr. Ryan Paul Panilo was introduced by Engr. Jandee Bonifacio. His seminar entitled Interconnecting Computer Systems – Cisco. He started the seminar by discussing the overview and the importance of having CISCO certifications, choosing CISCO as a foundation of a good career path, and the benefits of being CISCO certified. The last part of his seminar was a hands-on workshop activity, demonstrated to the participants on how to Interconnect Computer Systems to Cisco devices.

Both resource speakers elaborated and displayed their capabilities and familiarities on the subject matters and were able to answer questions from participants in plain and simple manner.

All the officers were present on that day and carried out their specific roles absolutely which resulted in the smooth conduct of the event. The 1st Monthly Technical Seminar was concluded; plaques and certificates of appreciation to the resource speakers and attendees were given respectively, and photos of the activity were taken.10961647_880627221959776_980576909_n

Jan 27

Congratulations! Engr. Teruyuki Ito, Jr. – PMP Certified

Congratulations! Engr. Teruyuki Ito, Jr. for passing the PMP Certification Exam given by the Project Management Institute (PMI) on January 26, 2015. He attended the IECEP-KSA-CRC PMP Preparatory Class last October 24 – 30, 2014 with Engr. Kenneth Vallespin as the speaker and mentor.


PMP Teriyuki

Jan 22

Congratulations! Year 2014 Board Passers

OCTOBER 2014 Board Examinations

PECE Board Passer

ECE Board Passer

ECT Board Passers


RA 9292 – Article I – Section 4: Categories of Practice

The following shall be the engineering and technician categories covered by this Act:

(a) Professional Electronics Engineer (PECE)

(b) Electronics Engineer (ECE)

(c) Electronics Technician (ECT)

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