Mar 22

Seminars and Online Registrations 2014

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Intro to JUNOS and Networking Technologies

Intro to JUNOS and Networking Technologies

For Seminar Pre-registration: Pls Click Here
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Jun 11

IECEP-KSA-CRC conducted seminars on Android App Dev & BICSI

IECEP-KSA-CRC conducted twin technical seminars on Android Application Development & Building Industry Consulting Services International (BICSI) Application on 30 May 2014 at Seteen Palace Hotel, Riyadh. The event was attended by around 40 participants who are eager to learn the android application development as this is the trend in the apps market and Building Industry Consulting Services International (BICSI) Application which emerged as one of the popular international standards.


Engr. Jose Agni Red demonstrated his ability to command and run a remote car wirelessly via bluetooth interface by sending a signal from his android phone installed with android application he developed. A catcher attached to the front of the remote car and can either be close or open to catch a ball.


Engr. Joseph Balasico gave an overview of what BICSI is all about. Following its brief introduction, he focused on the standards, guidelines, and reference manuals for the design, installation, and integration of Information Technology Systems (ITS) with respect to BICSI application. These standards address optical fiber and copper-based cabling infrastructures used for voice, data, wireless, and other forms of IT and communication systems that support all market and industry sectors nowadays.

Most of the participants raised questions during the discussion. All of them were satisfied with the outcome of the seminars and wished there will be more detailed workshop on the same topics in the future.


After some important announcements, distribution of certificates immediately followed and the usual picture takings took place.

Feb 28

IECEP-KSA-CRC Conducted 2nd Technical Seminar on Biomedical

IECEP-KSA-CRC conducted its 2nd Technical Seminar for year 2014 on Nurse Call and Other Low Current System & Biomedical Engineering on 28 Feb 2014 at Seteen Palace Hotel. The event was attended by around 56 participants who are mostly electronics practitioners but there are also medical staffs and biomedical engineers including one Jordanian national. The 1st topic “Nurse Call and Other Low Current System” was delivered by Engr. Jeff N. Selvin, an Indian national, while the 2nd topic “Biomedical Engineering” was delivered by Engr. Modesto Gibas, IECEP-KSA-CRC governor.


Engr. Jeff talked about the latest on clinical engineering, a branch of biomedical engineering, where he showcase the Hill-Rom products particularly the Nurse Call system, an IP based communication devices used in the hospital’s rooms so that patients and nurses or doctors can easily communicate. He also talked about infant security and the use of RFID technology to avoid mixing or exchange of babies with the wrong mothers and other for securities purposes. He talked as well about other low current system even about automatic alarms if a nurse for example didn’t washed their hands.


Engr. Moody talked about the interdisciplinary fields of biomedical engineering, from basic physiology of human body to advance biomaterials or tissue engineering. He gave also new applications of 3d printers in artificial organ production and shown videos of actual use of bionic hands as one of the biomechatronics applications. He enumerated majority if not all the different medical equipments being use in the hospitals.

Jan 31

PRC Chairperson Hon. Teresita R. Manzala Graced the IECEP-KSA-CRC First Technical Seminar for Year 2014

IECEP-KSA-CRC held its first Technical Seminar for year 2014 at Seteen Palace Hotel on 31st of January 2014 from 1300H to 1800H with an attendance of 50 participants. PRC Chairperson Hon. Teresita R. Manzala also graced the occasion together with her team from the Board of Agricultural Engineering and Board of United Architecture of the Philippines.

First Technical Seminar 2014

First Technical Seminar 2014 – Sales Engineering and Occupational Safety and Health

The topics of this seminar event were “Sales Engineering” which was presented by Engr. Nelson Navarro and “Occupational Safety and Health” presented by Engr. Emmanuel Yumul.

As an essential part of the seminar there was a brief RA9292 presentation by Engr. Jandee Bonifacio, which is being integrated in all seminar events.

The Sales Engineering Topic was very informative as it tackles on automation and security.

First Technical Seminar 2014

IECEP-KSA-CRC Board of Directors for 2014 with PRC Chairperson Teresita Manzala on her Saudi Arabia visit

PRC Chairperson Hon. Teresita R. Manzala delivered an inspirational message and challenged each Electronics Engineer in Saudi Arabia to continue their professional development and upgrade their qualifications and competencies. She gave enlightenment on ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework. With her are Engr. Ariodear C. Rico – member of Board of Agricultural Engineering and Arch Yolanda D. Reyes – member of Board of Architecture. Also present and very supportive in this IECEP event accompanying the PRC delegation is Labor Attaché Rustico Dela Fuente.

For the Occupational Health and Safety Seminar, the PRC Chairperson in partial also shared her experiences and background as a Safety Practitioner proving that such topic is essential to any engineering field and the chosen topic was inclined with the industry demand. The seminar was concluded by 1745H. Then it was followed by the awarding of the Certificates both to the presenters and the participants.

Sep 20

List Of Board Passers To Date

Congratulations Oct. 2012 ECT Board Passers
1. Juan J. Aron,ECT
2. Jerry S. Corpuz,ECT
3. Leo C. Luga,ECT
4. Samuel R. Rivadeniera,ECT
5. Edwin R. Rosell,ECT
6. James Arden I. Sua-An,ECT

Congratulations Oct. 2012 ECE Board Passer
1. Engr.Paul James N. Porlas

Congratulations Dec. 2011 ECE Board Passer
1. Engr. Lester G. De Guzman

Congratulations Oct. 2011 PECE Board Passer
1. Engr. Constantino V. Acance Jr.

Congratulations Sept. 2011 PECE Board Passers
1. Engr. Genard B. Aller
2. Engr. Romy T. Beltran
3. Engr. Jandee R. Bonifacio
4. Engr. Frederick C. Calmona
5. Engr. Anthony A. Castrojo
6. Engr. Modesto N. Gibas
7. Engr. Enrico L. Manalo
8. Engr. Glenn M. Oberes
9. Engr. Oscar F. Oliva
10. Engr. Nesito R. Onde
11. Engr. Leopoldo E. Panganiban II
12. Engr. Jose Agni C. Red
13. Engr. Rene D. Ronquillo
14. Engr. Jonathan M. Tiston

Congratulations Nov. 2010 ECE Board Passers
1. Engr. Walter Arcenal
2. Engr. Perry Camson
3. Engr. Sonnico Elsisura
4. Engr. Ryan Paul Panilo
5. Engr. Jonathan Aguilar



IECEP-KSA-CRC Basketball Team 2010



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